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Society :- Bhardwaj Shikshan Sansthan.
Register Office :- Registrar, Co-operative Society, Karsog, Distt. Mandi, H.P.
Registration No. :- 24/ksg/04.
Dated :- 4 Nov,2004.

Dharam Paul
S/o Sh. Shyam Dass, Village Sarli,
P.O. Dalash, Tehsil Anni,
Distt. Kullu, H.P. 172025.

Gopal Singh
S/o Sh. Shyam Dass, Vill. Sarli,
P.O. Dalash, Tehsil Anni,
Distt. Kullu, H.P. 172025

Mitter Dev Sharma
S/o Sh. Bhawani Dutt, Village,
P.O. and, Tehsil Karsog,
Distt. Mandi, H.P. 175011.

Yashwant Singh
S/o Sh. Bakshi Ram, Village
P.O. Seri Banglow, Tehsil Karsog,
Distt. Mandi, H.P.

Mall Chand
SS/o Sh. Judhya Devi, Vill. P.O. & Tehsil Karsog,
Distt. Mandi, H.P. 175011.

Proceedings of the General Body Meeting of the Bhardwaj Shikshan Sansthan held on 14-11-2019 in the Chairmanship of Sh. Parveen Kumar Mehta. Today on 14-11-2019 a meeting of general body of the society name and style Bhardwaj Shikshan Sansthan was convened in the presence of following persons at BSS B.Ed. College Karsog, Distt. Mandi, H.P. 175011.

The meeting was convened for the purpose to conduct Election for the constitution of new Governing body of the existing society and to register it under the provisions of Himachal Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2006 along with changing its office address for future correspondences. The old memorandum and bye-laws of the society is not sufficient to achieve the aims and objects of the society therefore are required to be repealed and new memorandum & bye-laws are required to be adopted in place of existing memorandum and bye-laws of Society.

For the purpose, the members of the society present, elected President Sh. Moti Ram and thereafter the following resolutions were unanimously passed:-.

Resolution No. 1.
The name of the society shall be as Bhardwaj Shikshan Sansthan

Resolution No. 2.
The Office/Head Office of the society, instead of its previous address, will be now situated at B.Ed. College Karsog, Village Baral ( Near Telephone Exchange), P.O. & Tehsil Karsog, Distt. Mandi, H.P.175011.

Resolution No. 3.
The area of operation of the society shall be Himachal Pradesh.

Resolution No. 4.
The Management of the affairs of the Society will be entrusted by the Bye- laws/Regulations of the Society to the Governing Body unanimously elected by the General body of the society today on 14-11-2019 and whose names, addresses and designations are given below:-

Resolution No. 5
President/Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer are authorized to open and operate bank account of the society.

Resolution No.6
All the members of the society resolved to register the society with new memorandum and bye-laws of society under the provisions of H.P Societies Registration Act, 2006 for performing Educational, charitable and welfare activities. For the purpose, the amended draft Memorandum and Bye-laws have been read over carefully and adopted by all the members. All the members shall abide by these memorandum and bye-laws of the society.

Resolution No.7
It is unanimously resolved to submit the Memorandum along with bye-laws of the society to the Deputy Registrar of Societies Cum SDM Karsog for registration this existing society under the H.P Societies Registration Act, 2006. The President/Vice- President, Secretary and Treasurer or Executive member of the society are, hereby, authorized to make any alteration/ deletion/addition and sign all the relevant documents of registration. The President/Secretary of the society is also authorized to submit all the documents of society to Registrar and received the same after registration from Registrar.

It is also to be certified that this is the true copy of proceedings passed by the general body meeting held on 14-11-2019 and is in safe custody of the Chairman and secretary.