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Committees For Session 2019-20

In the second general meeting of the society it has been decided that a training institute should be run this under this

society to meet the growing dem and of trained teacher for different educational institute

Mr. Harish Kumar
Mr. Tevender Kumar

Mrs.Seema Thakur
Mrs.Sandeepa Mehta

Miss Kanta Devi
Mrs Rajni Bala

Mrs Archana Kumari
Mrs Anjana Sharma

Mr Dharm Singh
Mrs Archana kumari

Mrs Sandeepa Mehta
Mrs Reetu Sharma

Mrs Anjana Shrma(Co-ordinator)
Miss Kanta Devi

Mrs Vandna
Mr Tevender Kumar

Mrs Rajni Bala
Mrs Seema Thakur

Mr.Harish Kumar
Mr. Dharm Singh

Mr Parveen Kumar Mehta
Mr Dharam Paul

Mrs Seema Thakur
Mrs Indira Devi

Mr Harish Kumar
Miss Kanta Devi

Mrs Bimla Devi
Mrs Indira Devi